Frazzled and irritable

I am unable to do any work right now because my mood is just so bad. Am on my period, a million small things to remember for work and other things, I need to get my life back on track but now I am not sure if it is the correct track.

Perhaps I am doing too many things at the same time.

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Here’s a very short recap of Phuket. I enjoyed the trip mainly because of three things

1.      Managed to bond with colleagues (fellow associates) who are always on other client projects, so I never get to see them during the work week. We played pool games and I spent most of my time doggy paddling in the water. And swallowing water because KX is vicious and will not let others win. 

2.      Managed to get some time alone by the pool (skipped the team dinner, K. joined me after a while and we went to the beach) and when I arrived a day earlier- ate breakfast at the fresh food market, walked around a bit. I wish I could have visited more places but it was raining very heavily and there were reports of streets nearby getting flooded. Didn’t want to risk my life or my dignity so I just got a cab and went straight to the hotel where the new joiners were.

3.      Contributed to the events because I was in RC, and I got to see how everything played out and where all the nonsensical hiccups were. Like our food delivery drivers delivering to the wrong address and having their food accepted by the people there. Thankfully we were able to claw back the food.


Ate at cafes and roadside stalls for the most part, so I am quite thankful that I only got food poisoning on the last day when we were departing for the airport. Some of the staff got food poisoning on the first and second day, so they couldn’t participate in any of the activities, which kind of defeated the whole purpose of being in Phuket.

Went for massages, went to the night club street, night markets were good too- the small ones and big ones alike. Renewed my love for tom yum curry and pad thai, and also mango ice cream! I love the rolled ice cream. Especially if the aunty is nice and gives you a huge slice of mango.

I didn’t have to deal with crowds because I was in the comms team, I spent most of my time during CSR facilitating. And then at the beach I just mingled with the seawater and my own team mates.


During free and easy time my roomie and I went out to walk around the area, chit-chatted about people in the office, work being a small part of your life etc. I get tipsy very easily but she was so pleased to find good beer. My best find for the whole trip is a whole chicken thigh, barbequed, for only 50 baht. The skin was really good!! And the one litre cup of milk tea shared with KX- he had to wait till the ice melted cause it was really sweet. I practically live on sugar haha. 

I joined the rec club 6 weeks before the actual trip to Phuket. When I first joined I was a blur sotong who knew nobody apart from K., A. and HL, so I only helped out with small things like drafting the CSR proposal, buying of logistics, giving out of shirts etc. Then I became more familiar with the names and the itinerary, so I moved on to create the guidebook and the slides, demonstrating the games during CSR, and then writing the article. I appreciate the synergy of the RC- these are cool and fun people even without enforced team bonding activities, because planning for events together and doing saikang together makes the team a team.