About me

All I’ve ever wanted to do is tell that, I’m not trying to solve anybody’s problems, not even my own. I’m just trying to outline what the problems are.

-James Baldwin

I didn’t know what to write here because I don’t know who I am, and by extension, I don’t know how to define myself. Or perhaps the latter should come first. But anyway, these are the basics.

  • I am a human being, born in 1994. Fellow human beings to me are a preference, like liking dogs or hamsters. It is not entirely natural or even comfortable.
  • I don’t know what I am doing, so this is a place for me to record all the things I don’t know, and don’t want to know.
  • I like the night sky and beaches, I particularly enjoy conversations on the beach with just one other person. I avoid crowds, and think a lot. I don’t like loud people, but I prefer talking to extroverts.
  • I would like to be valued, to be cared for, and to be loved even with my flaws.
  • I like huskies and beagles and capybaras named after varieties of cheesecake.

Everyone has their own path and part of being an adult is acknowledging that their paths are not mine, no matter how glamorous it might seem. As Shakespeare writes, ‘joy’s soul lies in the doing’. I hope that one day I will be able to look back and see all that I have gone through, and say that it was necessary and good.


This is me: