The kindle is life-changing. 

Insanely tired these past two weeks. Reminds me of my Shopback nights, except that I am now doing a variety of things.

TCM is back

Exhausted by the pit stop questions etc. I think I got overwhelmed by Thursday, swopped duties with a colleague on Friday and I have not recovered yet. Hid in the quiet room today while on client site.

We had cell group at a new place on friday, it was at the condominium of a new joiner. I have nothing against him but dealing with new people tires me out easily. I was so uncomfortable at his place that I went to the pool to sit. And got a little depressed and emotional listening to the sound of the water lapping against the grilles. 

Spent an afternoon recceing a camp site, got bitten by mozzies. Think the combined heat and grass irritation set my skin off, I have quite a few rashes on my arms today ): Feeling like an awkward cow now.

At kiddy class a really small girl named Sarah was crying. I don’t know why but I think girls can sense that I don’t really like them (compared to boys), but she was getting bullied by another kid named Gabriel because she happened to be sitting on Gabriel’s mom and babies are quite possessive. I picked her up, dried her tears and she kept saying ‘want go outside’ which surprised me, because I didn’t think she could speak full sentences yet. She just looked so small. So I brought her out for a while although normally we encourage kids to stay in the room, but she was really scared. And I said ‘ok I bring you out walk one round, but you have to promise to come back in, ok?’ She said ‘yes’ in a very small voice. So I brought her to visit the other kids in their rooms- I realized that the primary school kids have a lot of adults in their rooms, because the adult to child ratio is quite good. After she kaypohed in a few rooms she looked a lot calmer, then I brought her back into the room but she got squashed under the parachute by another boy and started crying again. 

At that point in time I was just so tired from everything- the crying kids, Elijah started crying at the end of the lesson which doesn’t make sense because everything is over, he had his snacks, his mom was coming to pick him up, and he’s acting like a wailing fire truck who didn’t fall over or get bullied- to the late meetings yesterday, and then having to go back to the office on a Sunday to have a meeting at 4pm. I was so just tired. 

I am glad we had that meeting, it created a lot of ideas for the clients but my Monday involved waking up at three am to test scripts because I couldn’t control my time properly during the weekend. 
And now it’s Tuesday. Am down with the flu.