Review of September, can you tell that I’m losing track of things.

  • Kelong trip- I get nolstagic whenever I hear the ‘pass it on’ song.
  • Toddlers church + Happy Teacher’s Day!
  • Pro bono consulting started. I hope it changes lives HAHAHA am I putting too much hope on one non chargeable project.
  • Go live at a client site started. Will be busy these two weeks. I hope cupcakes taste good!
  • Planning for Phuket trip is over, trip went well 🙂 Thank god for atrociously good and sunny weather on the second day, I would have been really sad if all our plans went down the drain just because it flooded.
  • Took over some admin duties- I share a bit of what I read/watch every week with my colleagues in my team, kind of like tagging it on that that admin update weekly. So far I’ve covered failure and the growth mindset 🙂 next week will be a learned optimism update.
  • Planning for the upcoming BBGB camp is starting this week. Hope everything goes well, I’m managing the budget (I think, have been MIA recently).
  • YX booked hotel for HK trip.

I am still not sure about solo travel. I can recognise directions, but I have a tendency to get lost in my own thoughts and then end up somewhere I don’t know. It’s like when I am talking to people, I only think about the moment and I don’t have a plan for things beyond the moment. Which often ends a bit miserably when I realise that people think that I have other intentions.

Upcoming things

  • CC Leaders retreat
  • CC Church camp
  • Get a tattoo?

Bought a kindle paperwhite just now. When I was feeling reaallllly frazzled. My mind just went “fuck it I’m going to buy it now.” I’ll pack food to work for the next year if I have to.

Sigh. Ok no more posts until I get my mind back on track. I think I’m either going to drink later or I’m going to go for a run. Probably drink, haven’t been running in a while.