This is how I feel in church most of the time. Like I am a whole fruit but I am missing something- a stem, a leaf, or maybe I am just half a fruit. I am still a fruit but I don’t really fit in. I’m trying to be patient and not just escape. 

By the way the two toys are from children’s church haha, the toddlers are really cute sometimes. In a frustrating way 🙂 There was a new kid today, and she didn’t want to come into the room, so Aunty P (I’m an Aunty too) brought the furry hippo out to say hi to her, she didn’t want Mr Green Hippo, so Aunty got the kids to wave hi to her. After a while she calmed down, but refused to let her mom go for service. 

I was semi-caring for a boy named Daryl, he gave up listening halfway and just laid on the floor beside his toy excavator. Semi because D is the sort of kid who is independent and won’t cry for his mom, but also doesn’t care whether or not you are in front of him. Except when he gets to do things like paste orange suns and smiley face stickers onto cardboard. He’s pretty friendly, he brought me toy trucks and small balls etc, which was great! Until I realised that he was actually monopolising all the larger toys lol and the other kids only had fruits and animals haha. I think I’ll do better with P1 kids who can talk to me, sigh. But anyway a promise is a promise- I will stay. 

Some days are good, some are bad. Trying to get through them all. Going to get grey and black markers from Art Friend now. Dual-ended brush ones hehehe.