On temporary tattoos and art journals

I admit that I am borderline obsessed with art journals. I just love the way she layers things over one another and it turns out so…complex and beautiful. Okay my english sucks.


She does amazing journals!!

Also- I will be using temporary tattoos for the next year before I commit to an actual tattoo. Trying out different flowers etc. Don’t ask me why I like flowers, I just do!

I really like watercolour tattoos, although they won’t age well.


She’s a watercolour tattoo artist!

Black and white is nice too, but I don’t like the look of black tattoos over time- it can be furry? Not sure what the exact expression is. And I will regret it after a few years.



Going to spotlight to get fake flowers and fabric for my door curtain, plus fabric paint. Okay no it looks like it’s going to rain. I am thinking of doing a sleeve but I don’t know how temporary tattoos stack up on each other. Shall try 🙂