Updates on my May/June holidays, i.e. slacking, slacking, so much slacking to do heheheh.

I feel like I am living in a steamer right now. The weather this week has been horrible. It is not just hot, it is ridiculously humid. Got a new BB cream that claims to be 24-hours long-lasting and all the good and moisturizing properties, but lasts roughly ten minutes in the current climate.  Before I sweat it all off. In my attempt to get to the bus stop in one aesthetic piece. Sigh.

Book wise, I am loving Infinite Jest so far, although it’s getting a bit incomprehensible because the weather makes me want to sleep (air conditioned room or not, both states are sleep-inducing) and the language is very tight. I don’t quite know how to describe it. Wallace doesn’t waste a single word, even when he only appears to be describing the layout of the place. But the style of layering description after description, in this weather, makes me want to kick something. My heart feels like I am shut up in a 2cm by 2cm space and I really need to expand my territory or my mind will shut down. That sort of feels. It is tyrannical.

Other books that I have devoured in the past week:

Half a serving of ‘The Elegance of The Hedgehog’ by Muriel Barbery, because it is so good I do not want to read the whole thing at once. I am saving it for the bus ride up to KL so that I can appear intelligent to my travelling companions, or maybe I just don’t want to talk to people. I underlined various sentences already, will do a post about how sad I am that I am neither bourgeoise nor do I live in France.

One serving of ‘Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear’ by Hugh MacLeod. He is the artist who doodles on the back of business cards. I didn’t understand the lure of his art a few years ago. But now I do. It is like english literature. Sometimes the reader is just not at the right age to understand the meaning of what she reads. But wait a few years, and give the book another chance. The book I couldn’t get through (Midnight’s Children, till this very day!) might be my favourite book fifty years from now. Ew. solis-002-830x652

When you’re talking to people on the Internet, are you really talking to them? Or is the “conversation” just an excuse to not make meaningful contact. To not get something truly interesting done?

Just because there’s interaction going on doesn’t mean there’s any interaction going on.

Think about it.

-Hugh MacLeod, The Internet is a Time Suck, Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear.

Three servings of Agatha Christie, ‘Postern of Fate’, Lord Edgeware Dies’ and ‘The Witness for the Prosecution and other stories’. I don’t know what a postern is, it sounds like some sort of post box that is exceptionally straight and wooden? Or am I just describing a wood dildo.

A postern is a secondary door or gate in a fortification such as a city wall or castle curtain wall. Posterns were often located in a concealed location which allowed the occupants to come and go inconspicuously.

(Doesn’t make sense. The objects of interest were not hidden behind a door. Yah I am very unenlightened on literary devices.)

I loved this quote from Postern of Fate.

“It could be dangerous if you went out to buy half a pound of butter,” said Tommy.

“Oh,” said Tuppence, “don’t be an idiot.”

“I’m not being an idiot,” Tommy had said. “I am just being a wise and careful husband, looking after something which is one of my favourite possessions. I don’t know why it is-”

“Because,” said Tuppence, “I am so charming, so good-looking, such a good companion and because I take so much care of you.”

Contrasted with something that I read from dailymail.uk, which quoted a thread on reddit if the redditors regretted getting married.

“Got married too young and for the wrong reasons,” one wrote. ‘She was not the love of my life, but we got along well, and all of our friends seemed to be marrying.”

It’s like what Panda told me. His best friend dated a girl for 2-3 years, even though he did not want to marry her, it was “more like she wanted to date him”. And then 8 months after breaking up he married someone else. It is a thought that bugs me a lot because I don’t want to date someone I have no intention of marrying, and I don’t want anyone to date me just because I am an overzealous cow about liking him. In other words, very likely to remain unmarried.

Also- church camp details have been confirmed. With any luck, my roommate (and also senior from junior college) will not snore and will not sleep with the light on and will not have any issues with me snoring and sleeping with the lights off HAHAH. The camp shirt is cute! It looks like four handprints with eyes drawn on them, I don’t know what it is supposed to be mean but I think everything will be explained in the camp booklet. I am serving in the primary school section for camp, I hope everything goes well.

So far, I am thoroughly enjoying my holidays. Apart from travelling overseas and domestically, I have been painting and re-painting my finger nails in various shades of 3CE’s uh…nude range. Reading, waking up late, eating chicken bites, getting rashes from the heat, volunteering at Willing Hearts (tomorrow! I wanted to go last week but fell sick after too many prawn-related meals), watching the imaginary paint dry on my wall. I also went for potluck (a rare occasion that I will willingly attend a potluck, but anyway it wasn’t very willing so what is my point lol) and served in children’s church for the first time today. First impressions: toddlers are fragile, crying, speed-eating Cheerios cutie pies.

And I also planned what furniture I would buy with my first paycheck. Answers: A rattan chair, so that I can sit and read without falling asleep. A full-length mirror, because I can’t always rely on my mom to tell me that the back of my shirt is untucked. Also, an acrylic makeup organizer because right now I just dump everything into an IKEA box. The opaque material makes it difficult to hunt for mascaras because I can’t see where the tubes are, without standing up and peering directly into the container. And dust and various bits of leftover insects also gather at the bottom, which is quite unsanitary.

I watched Amy Tan too. Have been watching a lot of School of Life videos and also tedtalks. I love this particular phrase- “why do we take on the assumptions that other people give us?” She was talking about how if she went into Burma, it would appear that she approves of the military regime, even if she doesn’t say anything about her intentions. I wish we could separate what people actually do with all the different perspectives surrounding them, and not sense make their actions on their behalf. It’s like my cell group friend, she might be doing a second degree at SMU law, but it doesn’t mean that she wants to be a lawyer. Until something happens in the affirmative, no one can say what the person’s intentions actually are.

Next post is about updates on church!