On sex toys

Sex toys don’t cross my mind very often. In Taiwan, Dango asked what would I set up if I had a shop at the night market. The night before, she pointed out a sex toy store just above a family estate and I think it was on the second level or something. I can’t really remember, but my reply to her was something along the lines of ‘because there is a toy store hence they have a big family’. I was considering the profit margins of selling sex toys at the taiwanese night market, but in a more refined manner. Not use girls with overflowing assets to sell the toys, but market them as having a health benefit (the various hormones) and giving good recommendations to clients/clear instructions for use etc. I don’t think the toys are customizable, but the service for the toys can be. I had a quick look at the offerings available in Singapore- the Bible says do not lust or commit adultery, so basically anyone who is single and lustful cannot add on to his/her lust by browsing discreet product sites.

Okay, so, THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE. Especially the ones meant for guys, why are they so expensive? One of their models that looks like a spaceship, it was featured on buzzfeed. Wait let me find the video. It is the very first toy on the table!

On the website- the shop’s link, R21 lol, it was originally priced at $325SGD. And I wonder why no one wants to buy it. Ok I don’t know how many units go out each month and I am guessing that the market in SEA is quite big, because of the conservative attitude towards picking up girls and casual sex. Why not just use a battery-operated machine to fulfill your physical needs, while theoretically remaining a virgin and pleasing your parents lol.

They have a video that explains each toy- how it is meant to be used, what are the tactile bits for (all the rubberized knobs) and how can one maximise his enjoyment etc. It is weird that they don’t do demonstrations online on real people and film the reactions but I suppose that would elevate a toy site to becoming a porn site, which is probably banned in Singapore. My question would be- is there some way to make the online shopping experience for toys better? There are no client reviews and the measurements provided are skimpy at best. And given the large range of product offerings, how can one find what is most suitable for him/her? I didn’t know what a ‘ben wa ball’ was until I went to that site.

I am not very interested in the guys’ buzzfeed video, I have heard quite a few people say guys can’t think with both heads at the same time. The female version is here, but the video doesn’t say much too. I wish they had a set of criteria on how they would rate the toys so that we aren’t just looking at Jen and the vague interior of the store, but actually get useful information on what viewers can purchase. Like to demonstrate their uses (not on their own bodies, but just turning on the toy etc), plus get a bit of interview in with the store manager. I always wanted to know how sex store managers would answer awkward sex questions from dodgy looking people. Plus, I think they only purchased maybe 1-2 toys each. The video has close to 10 million views though. Okay maybe it is just my style of jamming information into everything I create.

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.
― George Carlin

LOL. Bye 🙂