I love food. Although I’m slightly indiscriminate about the quality of the dishes.

This week I ate

  • A lot of lindt dark chocolate with sea salt bits!!!
  • Subway spicy Italian sandwich: Would not recommend, I don’t think it is very different from the usual ham or cold cut trio. The menu is a bit confusing, and a mouthful of jalapenos and pickles causes watery eyes and a sniffling nose. The placement of ingredients depends on your luck.
  • Kimchi fries from McDs: Too sour and spicy and I think NTU is cutting down on the amount of fries per serving. Sigh.
  • Old Street Bak Kuh Teh: Get the youtiao promotion set! It comes with beancurd, and it is really not bad. My friend didn’t want to order the pig tail soup because she doesn’t like organs, to which I question her knowledge of pigs and their organs. But it does come with HAIR on the tail. It is expected but also a bit gristly, I only had 2 pieces because I could feel the hair on my tongue and it was a bit gross. And despite her fear of internal organs, she ordered sliced liver soup too.
  • DTF Xiao long baos + steamed pork and vegetable buns. Love XLBs. And XXRs.
  • A lot of potato chips and Redondo, because they were on sale lol. I have a renewed love for sour cream and onion chips.
  • Caramel milk tea from Koi + ice cream and golden pearls, it’s delicious and causes an immediate sugar rush, which leads to me mumbling my words while reading aloud in DG.
  • Lemon and Plum juice from Koi, I got it with 0% sugar level so the taste wasn’t well-balanced.
  • Guksu Korean fried chicken from Suntec, it’s delicious even when left overnight and cold! Really tasty haha. I didn’t try the watermelon soju though.
  • And a lot of kimchi, lettuce, seaweed, and chicken. I make my own chicken!! Which basically means I marinate a large piece of chicken thigh with pepper powder and soy sauce so it looks browner when it’s cooked, otherwise it won’t really look edible.
  • Crystal jade pastries with the char siew filling inside- really delicious when it’s warm.
  • Earl grey milk tea from Taiwan- the new flavour in a yellow bottle- it’s okay. I prefer the latte version.
  • Multiple chocolate chip drinks from Starbucks cause 1-1.
  • Kopi Jelly from Toast Box- they have this interesting takeaway cup that allows you to drink from the small opening. It is a lot more user-friendly than the normal cup with an opening for the straw. But the coffee jelly itself has no taste, I think they just added gelatin to the coffee powder?

These are the things that I ate, on top of my normal three meals a day. Or four meals, if you include the biscuits with milo. Hence, I’ve gained approximately 3kg since the start of 2017. Thankfully I still fit into some of my jeans -.- My diet was definitely healthier when I had food allergies, but I am a lot happier now 😊 And fatter.

I really like the dish that my mom makes when she has to go to church and can’t come back in time for dinner- she puts an extra pack of chicken feet inside the belly of the chicken, and then adds potatoes, onions and carrots into the slow cooker and sets it to cook for three to four hours. By dinnertime, the skin and meat of the chicken is so soft that it falls apart when you try to take it out. The crux is to trim the toenails of the chicken before you put it into the cooker, and then get all the feet out before anyone else can take them, because there’s only like 10-14 pieces per packet. The soup is also delicious, full of the wobbly collagen and when you pack it into a container and refrigerate it overnight, you can use it to cook rice noodles!!

I wish I could cook better but as my DG leader says, I cook for survival and not to qualify as a gourmet chef. You know how there are so many things you want to do in life but you just have to make do with what you can currently accomplish, due to time constraints? Sometimes survival is in question because I never mastered the art of turning down the heat when the dumplings are on the pan, so the floury surface just sticks to the pan and then when I try to flip it over, the filling inside (kimchi, vegetarian meat and vermicelli, the frozen section of the supermarket has a lot of random dumpling flavours) breaks through the skin and I sort of flatten it with the frying spatula and pretend that all along, my goal was to get a sort of dumpling pancake in the shape of Shrek’s face.

Or when I have to season something and my seasoning skills are basically terrible, because I don’t know what it will taste like when the spices mix together, plus I don’t know how much of each to use for that particular piece of meat/fish/vegetables. They come in different sizes! The chicken, I mean. And for beef or pork it depends on the kind of meat you have, there’s always pork ribs and pork shoulder butt and pork chop and the one used in shabu shabu, and sometimes the pork chop can’t even fit into the pot because I always go for the biggest piece. Sigh. Somehow my mom manages to do things perfectly. She even has peas and cubed potatoes on her version of pork chop, whereas mine just looks sort of mashed. Flavoured with a pinch of desperation and hope.

Ok I have beef soup for dinner. I wish I could go to China right now and eat off the street stalls, if they still exist. Like just sit there and dip my hot dog into their sauce. Also I want to eat matcha ice cream. Sigh. There’s some in the fridge but it isn’t properly frozen yet. HUNGRYYY.