Looking back: March, 2017

My march calendar is almost filled up- I have another week to go but compared with all the things I did earlier this month, the next week is almost deliciously light-hearted. Here is a review of the things I learned and did.


  • Went for career talks, completed my application at two places, two job interviews, nailed a job and withdrew from another. I am glad that I opened that email from the career advisor, because the company I’m accepting usually ends their university recruitment in December. I’m a very lucky off-cycle person. I kept delaying job applications because I didn’t know if I could do anything other than HR, but thankfully it worked out in the end.
  • I am no longer moving in the HR practitioner realm, neither am I going to be a HR consultant. I am glad that I can finally move out of HR but also slightly worried that I will return to being a very practical and non-social hermit? I don’t want to see people as transactions. (That said, my MBTI is INFJ. I used to be a rather (head)strong INTJ. HR did change me significantly.)
  • I am grateful for my past internship experiences which allowed me to experience life- to see life and work through different perspectives, and also to talk about what I learned from the internships during interviews. It was tiring for 2015-2016 but I know that I have to work the hardest for what I love. I love doing new things!


  • I’m graduating soon!
  • Presentations, quizzes, assignments due, projects discussed, friends made, things panicked about. My style for presentations is ad-lib, I can’t do scripts because I always forget them when there are no powerpoint slides. SMU is a lot more tiring than NTU ):
  • This month was hard because my sleep was terrible. I woke up feeling totally calm this morning, because I had my first proper 8 hours sleep without breaks in between due to scratchy rashes in weeks. I hope I didn’t offend anyone in school.


  • I really worked hard this month.
  • No regrets, it was the consolidation of February. I might have embarrassed myself with a few things in SMU but I don’t think anyone noticed.
  • Arranged a meditation trip and 1-2 grad trips, depending on how much time I have.
  • Also, I wrote a few posts on slotherious and read a few books! I love Victor Frankl and Andrew Solomon.
  • I made sure to meet 1-2 friends a week (not from my current classes). Watched movies, had more food!
  • I love fish slices noodles from BV!!! I do detours just to dabao from that stall.


  • TCM bruises and rashes and I wrote this three times in my calendar- “anxiety is exhausting”. It really is. It drains you from the inside even though you haven’t done much. But now that everything is over and I am tracking my life in a different way, I don’t think I am burned out anymore.
  • Went for massages!
  • Drank a lot of vitagen and ate a lot of lindt chocolate, I like the honey mustard sauce from subway, the tomato basil wraps from simply wrap, the tori q bento boxes, the pork ribs soup that my mom makes, and black ball desserts and matcha lattes! I’m a beagle and I love food. Can you believe that a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to eat any of these?
  • Anxiety wise- I am starting to run again. Did 2.9km two days ago and then I got wiped out by presentations, I actually managed to sleep by 11pm and then wake up at 4am to continue rehearsing.


  • Signed up for church camp and went every week to DG/service.
  • I think my learning methods for church have stabilized now. I usually take about a month to get used to something new. The book of Daniel is difficult, there’s so much historical data to grapple with. ):
  • Am going for some talks with my friend from a different church next week! I haven’t seen her for a whole semester.
  • Reconnected with an old friend from CU.


  • Learned to track my life according to functions- work, relaxation and others- and not impact. It is a lot more relaxing, and I sleep better now. I am learning to take myself less seriously and just let go. Incremental achievable goals, the first steps to self-improvement.
  • However, I am unable to forget some people.
  • And I am spending >$20 a week on Uber. It is not money I have, but my sense of time has somehow gone awry.


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