“If you live according to human knowledge, according to precept, values and standards, you live in the past.”

I don’t want to write for companies and newsletters because my writing is not to show things, but to let people feel. It is to unwind the knot in peoples’ hearts when they have forgotten how to live and only know how to do.  Like writing, yoga and meditation and running allows me to relax because I am concentrating on the moment- the breath, the empty dark space, I am attached to nothing. It is a different sort of existence compared to the high of project meetings and department meetings when I am delivering a project or contributing my ideas. There, I am connected to other people. When I write, I am connected to myself.

And it is that strong but unexplainable connection that feels like it encompasses everything existence has to offer- that sure knowledge that I am me, and I am alive. I have emotions, thoughts, a perspective, I have some beliefs which are shaky and some which are unshakeable. My faith is stronger than my skill. However, I am only 23 and I have hopes that I will not die until I am at least 60.

That said, I do write just for recording purposes, I record all that I am learning from church etc. That is writing with just analytical skills and intellect. I also do reviews on the books that I read. I am afraid that I will one day lose my memory, or forget where I came from.

Hold fast to your life, to beauty and happiness and inspiration, and to obedience to inspiration. Do not imitate others or seek advice anywhere except from your own mind. No-one can help you. No-one knows what your life should be. No-one knows what your life or life itself should be because it is in the process of being created.
Life moves according to a growing consciousness of life and is completely unpredictable.
If you live according to human knowledge, according to precept, values and standards, you live in the past.
If you live entirely in the past you will not know beauty or happiness and you will not in fact live.
You must believe in life. Believe that you can know the truth about life.

-Agnes Martin