Updates on the week ahead

To have things to look forward to everyday is a joy. Or in my case, things every week that I enjoy/am very scared of, but need to get it done. This week I had one sleepless night already, the night before the KPMG interview. And then today I went for a back massage which hurt like hell, the aunty was like 你很会受力。It was a deep tissue/stress relief massage for an hour and I guess there was a communication error, I wanted her to focus more on my head because that’s where I have been having headaches.

My mom left for Italy last night. Needless to say, dinner was bad ): A really sturdy pork chop and leftover corn soup. But I do have the next two days to myself alone, assuming my sister would leave me alone whenever it comes to meal times. Because she is staying at home for now, she insists on being a housewife. I don’t know if I have said this before but I want very badly to tell her that at the age of 25, to be a housewife, she first needs to have a husband. Or at least move out of my parents’ house. I don’t want her to keep asking me about my food preferences, if I don’t answer she gets mad. Also, I don’t want to answer any of her questions about my life. Where I go for holidays is not her business.

That said- there are two elevator pitch related things to be submitted this week, to come up with project related things, and meeting a new friend after service on Saturday! One of the random things that happens in life, she’s an exchange student from Korea. And meeting two friends next week for lunch!  Although I realized I asked both to eat at Korean restaurants. Hmm.

Life for now is good. Health-wise, acupuncture tomorrow. Terrible sleep patterns but I think this semester is really…I guess I can wear more things now, not because the rashes are less, but because IDGAF anymore.

Currently reading two Chinese books from the library- from what I can make out of it, one of them seems to be about revenge love, the other is a sort of photojournal about the lost youth. Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon which is shaped like a huge 2kg weight and the book I bought from Kino.