like an electric dog

One day, I would like my eulogy to sound something like this.

“She was a brave person who did the things she wanted to do, even if it was a bit useless. Like writing birthday letters.

She found value in her life by expending her energy in the direction of her interests, even if she neglected a lot of other things, and the list of her experiences was the interesting twin of her slightly-lacking brain.

There is only one life to live, and she enjoyed being around equally intense and also forgiving people, people who didn’t judge, people who encouraged and were valuable friends in her journey towards the end. A destination that no one knew about but could imagine, one that everyone reaches eventually.”


But what it will probably sound like, is this.

“The world is better off with her existence, okay maybe not world, maybe just some people, out there, will remember her. Probably the marketing executives of Meiji Hello Pandas and Lays Original potato chips.

As neurotic as an electric dog when faced with multiple deadlines, but also carefree when it came to the lives of other people.”