I was once described as having ‘charming introversion’. I think what my boss saw was actually me plotting how to destabilise the whole CSC building. It’s strange how people can see the same thing and come up with a different conclusion.

I was thinking to myself that I would rather make friends with all the interesting people in the world, like murderers, and rapists, and arsonists, and bankers and brick layers and see how their mind works. I want to know what makes them tick. No matter how unreasonable a person is, if I am able to connect to that person and understand his point of view, then it is possible to reason with him. By understanding I don’t just mind understanding what he thinks, but how, and why. Why would they think like that, and how can I be a more reflective mirror to their thoughts and needs?

An example would be customer service in a bank. A woman once told my friend that HSBC was racist because it didn’t accept Scottish pounds, only UK pounds, and she had a tonne of Scottish pounds to change. Bank laws about what is legal tender are laws, there is no way around it. But is there a need to provide good customer service? Yes, I would think so. Although there is no way to change the outcome, which is that the woman will walk away disappointed, the process of connecting to the woman and explaining to her the reasons for the process was important. But it is not something that everyone will do.

Or maybe I am just attracted to people who dare to do things which are unusual. Not the ones who work in a job that they dislike for the pay, but people who are emotionally and mentally engaged in the work they do. Setting up homes for capybaras (the singular is capybara), bomb detonation experts etc. I dislike routines and I particularly dislike my sister brushing her teeth in front of my room, it makes me want to close the door immediately but that would be seen as rude, and anyway I am too lazy.