january’s month in review


  • Internship ended
  • Started new classes with new groupmates, at a new university. New things to learn, exciting projects!
  • Started going for career-related advice sessions. I am reassessing what kind of impact/meaning I want my job to have. This will take some time haha.
  • Started doing up resume related things. But not losing sight of my personality and what I want in a job, I don’t want to just craft a story and sell myself to the company.


  • Survived TCM
  • Survived western doctors too.
  • Rashes are a lot better even with hormonal changes. Able to eat almost everything now! But my stomach feels like a boiling steamboat pot on most days, which makes me feel quite ):


  • Bought a tripod to record visual diaries. Jan is like my online shopping month.
  • Bought a domain and started writing
  • Reading a lot more this month- discovered new authors and new websites, revisiting books from secondary school too. By ‘a lot more’ I mean at least 2 books a day, I might not finish the books but I absorb quite a bit.


  • Met up with old friends for movies, food, drinks, chats, new ideas.
  • Made new friends! It’s interesting to hear about other people and their books/movies/song recommendations.
  • Survived Chinese New Year.


Most grateful for: new experiences!

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