I was reading an article about a transgender female, her name was Josh Alcorn but she chose the name Leelah. Leelah Alcorn is a beautiful name. Her parents kept her at home and she committed suicide by walking in front of a trailer on highway.

The parents were portrayed as people who would rather see their child dead than be a female, rather than the male that God intended. There were mentions of Christian conversation therapy etc, and I thought to myself- why do some people hold on to their faith so strongly and others drop it whenever temptation beckons.

I read the suicide note that was queued on tumblr after her death, and I thought to myself that it would have been okay, maybe ten years from now, if she just held on. But she was very young, too young to understand that one day parents will not matter anymore, and she can be whoever and date whoever she wants.

I know that if I pretend to understand her pain, that is mockery. Gender as a concept is something that she was aware of every day, when she looked into the mirror, in the wardrobe filled with clothes, in schools and even when she had to enter a male toilet.

A life lost, with precious little to show for it.

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